Design settings

What is it
In design settings you can define standards for the style of a document. These include font size, font style, header and footer images.

Who is it for
Design settings are often set by someone who is responsible for managing the platform, like a platform administrator or tool owner.

Note: Please keep in mind that you cannot change the font style, font size, header and footer image of a document in the editor. Changes can be made by applying design settings to a document.

Why would you create designs for documents?

The goal of design-settings is to allow for the quick application of multiple different designs to a document. Different entities or departments of a company could use the same template for content, and apply a different design. This way it’s not needed to create multiple templates with the same content but a different design.

Design settings include:

  • Font style
  • Font size
  • Header Image
  • Footer Image

How to create a design

  1. Go to ‘Settings‘ in de sidebar and click on ‘Design Settings‘.
  2. Give the design a suitable title.
  3. Select a font style from the drop down list. Choose between Muli, Helvetica, Times New Roman and Arial. On the left you can preview your design on sample text.
  4. Select a font size from the drop down list. Choose between small, medium and large.

    Note:  A header of a document often contains a logo. If you prefer to put the logo at the bottom or have no header at all, leave it empty.
  5. Choose a footer image by selecting a file.

    Note: A footer in a document typically contains a copyright notice, logo or contact information. Leave it empty if you prefer to have no footer.
  6. Click on save and the design has been created.
Updated on July 21, 2023
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