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  • Why can I not save my document?

    When saving a document, make sure:

    • To have text in the body.
    • Have a name for the document.
    • If you have recipient fields under ‘Document Parties’, fill them in or remove the fields by clicking on the red bin-icon.
      • If you filled in the recipients fields, also make sure to add for each recipient a signature field if they need to sign. You can find this under ‘Toolbox’.
  • What is supersede?

    To supersede a document means to replace it with another document that is more up-to-date or relevant. The new document is considered to be the official or authoritative version.

  • Why can I not send out an imported PDF?

    The import option is meant to bring documents into the platform that already got send and/or signed. To send out a PDF, go to ‘All documents’ and click on ‘+ From PDF’.

  • Why does my PDF not upload?

    Make sure that your PDF is not encrypted. An encrypted PDF is secured with a password. Also note that there is a size limit of 10 MB per PDF.

  • I created a document in the platform that contains dynamic fields, exported it as a PDF and uploaded it again. I don’t see the dynamic fields. Why?

    Uploaded documents don’t contain dynamic fields as standard. You can, however, assign smart fields as metadata. Metadata are additional data of a document. It’s to create more context for the document.

  • What an the audit trail?

    An audit trail of a document is a detailed documentation of the sequential events that have occurred to the document. These events include creation, sending out, reviewed, opened, rejected. You can find the audit trail if you view a document.

  • What do live/scheduled/draft mean?

    When a something is live, i.e. a template, text block or form, it is ready to be used.

    Something that is scheduled, can be used from a selected date. Think of a text update on a document because of a regulatory change that will be effective from a certain date.

    A draft is work in progress that cannot be used until it becomes live. Think of a document or text block that’s being worked on.

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Updated on February 17, 2023
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