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Individual Contacts

What is it

This documentation provides a comprehensive guide on creating, editing, and managing individual contacts within contractuo.

Who is it for

All contractuo users can create, edit, and view individual contacts. However, it’s recommended that only authorized organization administrators manage the creation and modification of contact tags to ensure consistency within the platform.

Why use contacts

  • Centralized Contact Management: Organize and store individual contact information in a central location for easy access by authorized users.
  • Improved Communication: Facilitate efficient communication with individuals by having their contact details readily available.
  • Standardized Data and Reduced Errors: Create a consistent data format for individual contacts, minimizing errors and saving time when filling out forms and documents.
  • Centralized Updates: Make changes to contact information in one place and have them automatically reflected across various contractuo functionalities (if linked through smart fields).
  • Efficient Search and Filtering: Easily find specific individuals using filters like contact type (individual/organization), tags, and a search bar.


There are no specific technical requirements for creating and managing individual contacts. However, it’s recommended to follow best practices for data entry, such as using clear and accurate information.

Managing Individual Contacts

How to Find the Contacts

  1. Click on the Contacts icon in the left sidebar. This is the main menu point for managing all your contacts.
  2. The Contacts menu displays a list of existing individual and organizational contacts.

How to Create a New Individual Contact

  1. Go to the Contacts menu
  2. Click on the New Individual button.
  3. Enter the mandatory information for the contact, including:First Name, Last Name, Email (This automatically populates the contact’s email address when selected in other functionalities.)
  4. Fill in any optional details you want to associate with the contact, such as:Title, Initials, Phone, Internal Manager (assigned from a list of existing users), Contact Tags (for categorization), Organization (link the contact to an existing organization), Role, Address
  5. Once you’ve entered the desired information, click Save to create the new individual contact.

The contact is now saved and appears in the Contacts list. You can click the Edit Pen icon next to the contact name to edit their details at any time.

It’s recommended to:Assign an organization if the contact belongs to an existing one in contractuo. Use relevant contact tags for easy filtering and categorization.
Add the contact’s address for complete information.

Note: When creating a contact with associated tags that have smart fields assigned, these smart fields will be displayed during the contact creation process, allowing you to fill them out with relevant information.

Additional Contact Features

By clicking on an existing contact in the Contacts list, you’ll see a sidebar displayed on the right side of the screen. This sidebar provides access to various features for managing the selected contact:

  • Contact Details: View and edit the contact’s basic information, including name, address, phone number, and organization.
  • Notes: Add internal notes for the contact’s record, visible only to authorized contractuo users.
  • Comments: Team members can leave live comments and threaded sub-comments for collaborative discussions related to the contact.
  • Documents: See a list of documents associated with the contact.
  • Timeline: Track the history of changes made to the contact information, with the ability to view older versions by clicking the eye icon.
  • Favorite: Click the empty star icon to mark the contact as a favorite for quick access from the Favorites menu.

How to Use Individual Contacts

  • Sending Documents: When sending documents, start typing the contact’s name in the recipient field. The system will automatically suggest and populate the email address based on your saved contacts.
  • Smart Fields: Utilize smart fields of the “Contacts” type within your documents. You can insert these smart fields using the toolbox or by typing “/d” followed by the contact’s name. This allows you to selectively include specific contact information, such as first name, last name, or address, directly into the document.
  • Products: Similarly, when adding smart fields within products in the Prospect module, you can reference individual contacts. The system will populate the product with relevant information from the selected contact.
Updated on March 1, 2024

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