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Create contacts

What is it
In the Contact module you can create entries for individuals and organizations and save all details that are needed. You can create custom fields for any type of contact. The Contact module also functions as a database and the entries from the contact module can be used in forms and templates.

Who is it for
Creating contacts is mostly done by someone who is responsible for the platform (a platform administrator) and users that got permission to do so.

Why use contacts

The Contact module allows you to standardize data. This will prevent you from making mistakes and save time when you need to fill things out. You can centrally make changes in one place, and apply it to dozens of documents in one go.

Save contact details of an individual or organization and quickly find them back using filters. These filters include types (individual or organization), tags (filters that you can create) and you can search your contacts by typing in the search bar.

When you create a contact, there are standard fields like name, email address and phone number. These fields might not always be enough. You can create customized fields as many as needed and attach them to a contact tag. When you create a new contact and select a contact tag, the attached contact fields will appear and are required to be filled in.

In some cases contact details are needed from people or organizations that aren’t saved (yet) in the platform. Think of an applicant or an external reviewer. In this case you or your colleague will fill in the details in the template or form.

In a lot of other cases details are needed from your contacts. The Contact module also functions as a database to pull information from to fill in templates and forms. Think of managers, suppliers and other concerned parties. The creator of a template or form can use a contact dynamic field. This field always refers to your contacts in the platform. When a user filling in this field starts typing the name of the contact that is needed, it will automatically search the saved contacts. The user can select the contact and the required information will be placed into the document. 

How to create a contact

  1. Go to ‘Contacts‘ in the left sidebar and select ‘New Individual‘ or ‘New Organization‘ from the drop down at the top.
  2. Fill in all details of this contact.
  3. If a field is missing that you specifically need for this contact, click on ‘Add additional field‘, give it a suitable name and fill it in.
  4. If a field is missing that you also would like use for other contacts, please read the guide about contact tags and individual and organizational fields.
  5. If you are adding an organization to you contacts, you can attach a file to this contact by clicking on ‘Add additional file‘.
  6. Give this file a name and click on ‘OK‘.
  7. Click on ‘Browse‘ and search through your files. Select the file that you would like to attach and click on ‘Open‘.
  8. You can add multiple files by repeating the steps.
  9. Click on ‘Submit‘ to save the contact.
  10. Click on ‘Save Draft‘ if you don’t want to make the contact available yet to use when filling in a contact field in a template or form.
Updated on July 6, 2023

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