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Bring Your Documents to Life with Smart Fields

Imagine creating dynamic documents that automatically adapt based on user input. This is the power of contractuo’s Smart Fields! These versatile placeholders allow you to streamline document creation, improve data accuracy, and personalize the user experience.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Smart Fields, including:

  • What is it?
  • Who is it for?
  • Why to use Smart Fields?
  • Requirements to use Smart Fields?

Here is where you can find and use the Smart Fields

  • Documents Menu: Enhance your document templates with dynamic fields.
  • Contacts Menu: Create custom contact fields to capture specific information.
  • Prospects Menu: Build dynamic forms within the Prospect module.

This versatility extends to where you can insert Smart Fields:

  • Editor: Embed Smart Fields directly within the document editing workspace.
  • Text Blocks: Integrate Smart Fields into pre-defined text blocks for reusability.
  • Templates: Create dynamic templates that adapt to user input.
  • Contacts: Utilize Smart Fields as additional input fields for capturing contact details.

Additional information:
Smart Fields offer incredible flexibility. They can be used universally across Documents, Contacts, and Prospect menus for a dynamic experience. Alternatively, restrict them to specific menus for targeted data collection or a simpler document structure. This lets you tailor Smart Fields to your exact workflow needs.

Finding Smart Fields:

Accessing Smart Fields is simple. Navigate to any of the main menus mentioned above (Documents, Contacts, Prospects). Within each menu, you’ll find a submenu called “Core Elements.” This submenu houses the Smart Fields functionality.

Moving Forward:

While the initial steps to locate Smart Fields are straightforward, there’s more to explore! We’ll delve deeper into these topics in the following sections to equip you with the knowledge to utilize Smart Fields effectively.

What is it?

Smart Fields are dynamic elements within contractuo that function as placeholders for user input or conditional references. They act like variables that can be populated with data or determine whether specific content appears in your documents. This allows you to create flexible and adaptable documents that adjust based on your needs.

Who is it for?

Smart Fields cater to various user roles within contractuo:

  • Administrators and Content Creators: These users leverage Smart Fields to design templates, documents, and financial products with a focus on automation and consistency.
  • Financial Managers and Administrative Staff: They benefit from the ease of generating and completing documents using pre-defined Smart Fields, streamlining workflows.

Why to use Smart Fields?

There are several compelling reasons to incorporate Smart Fields into your contractuo routine:

  • Automation: Smart Fields automate data population and conditional logic, reducing manual work and potential errors.
  • Consistency: Ensure consistent formatting and data accuracy across documents by using predefined Smart Fields.
  • Personalization: Create dynamic documents that adapt to user input, providing a more personalized experience.
  • Reusability: Utilize Smart Fields within Text Blocks and Templates for easy integration into various documents.

Requirements to use Smart Fields?

To leverage the power of Smart Fields, you’ll need permissions within contractuo:

  • While any user can utilize Smart Fields within templates or documents, creating and editing them requires specific permissions that your Administrator can assign.
  • We recommend that you assign the responsibility of building and managing Smart Fields to a Person with the necessary technical knowledge and your company’s authorization.

How to Get Started with Smart Fields

Now that you understand the concept of Smart Fields, dive deeper into their practical application!

  • How to Create Smart Fields: This section will detail the steps involved in creating and configuring Smart Fields. Click here!
  • How to use Smart Fields in the Documents Menu: This section will explain how to integrate Smart Fields into your document and templates.
  • How to use Smart Fields in the Contacts Menu: This section will cover creating custom contact fields using Smart Fields.
  • How to use Smart Fields in the Prospects Menu:  This section will detail how to build dynamic forms and blueprints with Smart Fields/Form Fields within the Prospect module

By incorporating Smart Fields into your contractuo workflow, you can significantly enhance document creation, improve data management, and elevate the user experience.

Updated on May 10, 2024
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