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Create document from template

What is it
Using a template to generate an end-document.

Who is it for
Creating documents from templates can be done by people that do not have content expertise but do have the right information to fill in the template.

Why create documents from template

Creating a document from a template instead of starting from scratch will save a lot of time from users, minimize the risk of using old data for document and ensure that nothing important is forgotten.

Using them will ensure that end-documents from the same type always have the correct content and structure. This can help prevent mistakes and ensure consistency of layouts.

Finally, if something changes in regulation, company policy or elsewhere, templates can easily be updated so that users always have the right information in their documents.

How to create a document from a template

  1. Go to Documents, click on ‘All documents‘ and ‘+ From template‘. Or directly go to ‘Manage Templates‘.
  2. Choose the template you would like to use. You can search by entering a template name in the search bar. Also selecting the language and country applicable for this template can help to quickly find a template.
  3. To open the template, click on the blue document-icon on the template you would like to use.
  4. Enter a document name.
  5. Choose from the drop down if this will be a draft or the document has to be signed.
  6. Tick the box ‘Code Verification‘ if you would like the recipient(s) to enter a code to see or sign the document. The recipient(s) will receive the code by email.
  7. Fill in the information of the receiver. Choose from the drop down menu which action is required from this user: needs to sign, will view only, will view and comment or needs to read and confirm.
  8. Fill in the name, email address and company name.
  9. Click on the ‘+‘ if you would like to add a receiver.

    Tip: You can send documents to contacts that have the same tag. Click on ‘Add Contacts By Tag’ and select one or more tags to add its contacts as receivers of this document. You can delete recipients by clicking on the bin. Also, you can change the required actions.
  10. Click on ‘Toolbox‘ at the top to add fields for the sender and receivers.
  11. Go to the right page of your document where you would like to have the fields.
  12. Click in the document where you would like to have the field and click on the field in the toolbox. It is possible to have the same fields on multiple pages or have multiple of the same fields on the same page.

    Tip: You can remove a field by selecting it and press the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard.
  13. If you have multiple receivers and you need a signature for them, add the field and click on it. Choose for whom this signature field is by selecting the right receiver.
  14. If you have multiple receivers that need a signature field, add the fields to the document and click on it. Choose for who this signature field is by selecting the right receiver.
  15. If you miss dynamic fields in this document, you can add it by clicking on ‘All dynamic fields‘. Choose from the drop down.
  16. Fill in all dynamic fields. The dynamic fields in the document will be replaced by the data when it’s sent.
  17. Click on ‘Text Blocks’ to add a text block if you would like to add one (or more).
  18. Click on the text block that you would like to add. The text block will be added to the bottom of the document.
  19. Select the text of the text block to drag it to the place where you would like to have the text block.
  20. Click on ‘Meta information‘ to add dynamic fields as metadata.

    Information: Metadata is information about the data of the document. It can be useful to create more context for the document.
  21. Click on ‘Save‘ to save the document as a draft.

Note: In order to save your document, you need to fill in the details of every receiver. For every receiver that needs to sign, there needs to be at least a signature to the document.
You can also remove the receivers field to save the document as a draft without filling in the receiver’s details.

Send out a final document

  1. Click on ‘Save & Continue’ to send the document. Make sure to have all fields in the document.
  2. Select the language of the standard text in the email.
  3. If you would like to create a personalized email, start typing in field.
  4. If needed, add an attachment by clicking on the ‘Add Attachments’ button and select the documents.
  5. Set a reminder date if you would like to get a reminder to check if all parties have completed their required actions.
  6. Click on ‘Send’.
Updated on July 6, 2023

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