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Import existing documents

What is it
You can import existing documents and contracts To manage them in the platform. An imported document cannot be edited or sent out for signing. If you would like to upload and send out a PDF for signing, please follow this guide.

Who is it for
Any user can import existing contracts and/or documents.

Tip: Make sure to agree on labeling standards of existing contracts before letting users do so to avoid chaos.

Why import existing documents

If you are new to contractuo, you probably have many existing contracts and documents in folders, cloud drives and other places. To make them all searchable, manageable and accessible to the right people, you can import them into the platform with ease.

– Encrypted PDFs cannot be uploaded.
– There is a size limit of 10 MN per PDF.
– Uploaded documents don’t contain dynamic fields as standard. You can, however, assign dynamic fields as metadata!

How to import PDF documents

  1. Go to ‘Documents‘ in the left sidebar and click on ‘All Documents‘.
  2. Click on ‘+ From PDF‘.
  3. Click on the image to choose a file or drag the PDF in here.
  4. The document has been uploaded. Enter a document name on the right.
  5. Select ‘Import Existing‘ from the ‘Document Process Options‘ drop down menu.
  6. Select ‘Signer‘ if you would like to add information about the person that signed this document. This person will not get an email.
  7. Select ‘Viewer‘ if you would like to add information about the person that is the viewer of the document. This person will not get an email.
  8. Click on the ‘+‘ if you would like to add a signer or viewer.

    Tip: You can add signers and viewers to the document that have the same tag. Click on ‘Add Contacts By Tag’ and select one or more tags. You can delete signers and viewers by clicking on the red bin-icon.
  9. If you don’t want to add a signer or a viewer, delete the document party fields by clicking on the red bin-icon.
  10. Click on ‘Meta information‘ at the top to add metadata to this document.

    Information: Metadata are additional data of a document. It’s to create more context for the document.
  11. Click on the drop down and select the fields that you would like to use as metadata. Select as many as needed.
  12. Fill in the fields.
  13. Click on ‘Save‘ to save the document as a draft.

– In order to save your document, you need to fill in the details of every receiver. For every receiver that needs to sign, there needs to be at least a signature to the document.
– You can also remove the receivers field to save the document as a draft without filling in the receiver’s details.

Updated on July 6, 2023

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